Remarkable People               -                 ~ A Soul Safari  ~
Your Life Book... Your Bucket List...
Your own Moral Compass...
We all have this innate sense of wanting
to make the world a better place.
We all have a story to tell…
Nanci Hartland’s memoir is one of a dozen spirited accounts of facing one's fears. Nanci commits daily to living life full out and her BEST dreams coming true.
Stories of others who also engaged their passions and took on fulfilling dreams we all finally chased and achieved. For no matter what life may throw at you, or how many times you stumble and fall down, it’s about
how you get back up and go beyond it to become remarkable.
There are inspiring quotes and 35 questions to support your journey. Events we all face each day in being happy and living life as a daring extraordinary adventure.

“Remarkable People” is a bold adventure into discovering who you truly
are, finding purpose and more love than you ever imagined. Nanci's process is surprisingly easy with profoundly powerful tools for incorporating coaching, self-inquiry, and easily prepares and propels you to take action.
Curiosity and persistence allow us to reach beyond what we know.
Are you ready to accept your answers and yourself?
Just the way you are and the way you are not?
Are you willing to answer questions that empower you to reveal your hearts desires?  What if you discover that you and only you are responsible for creating all the love you give away, as well as all the love you receive, not the other person? Create your own Self-supporting and sustainable habits, and always reach for your BEST!
In order for things to change, first, you must change your perspective on where you are, who you are, and what you believe and know to be the truth…
You will then have more opportunity to create more of your Best Dreams coming true!
Your life, your celebrations of joy do not have to depend on your present circumstances. We all have strength and power waiting to surface. In the middle of whatever the circumstances you have right now, you can create an extraordinary life! 

“Remarkable People" becomes about YOU!
and... includes challenges and reveals your desire to 
Become Remarkable...
It is a book for the quietly courageous...
   Designed to nurture who you are…
as it opens up more of who you are meant to be.
       Are you hiding your gifts?
Create a Journal that tells your story as you begin to
get a sense of urgency to write down your defining moments,
your wisdom; as you create a Blueprint for your
Best Life and leave a Legacy for others.