Remarkable People               -                 ~ A Soul Safari  ~
Is your 'Bucket List" written down?
There is no other time and place to get in touch
with old and new dreams.
Your intent is powerful. The word “intent” implies that you are aware of your power to create a result. This book’s intention is to have you share yourself; guide, uncover, reveal your thoughts, record events and defining moments in your life.
One of your intentions may be to leave a legacy for others to know you. A touch-stone for others as well as for yourself…
Life is a fascinating process; fleeting moments that are forgotten or tucked away may be recalled. Joy and heartache that we move on from, and yet, somehow change us…Grow us to be more.
It will become your bedside journal and companion for many years to come.
This is the beginning of an unusual journey...

It is the beginning of a Safari to your Soul. A step into recognizing that who YOU are is also a Remarkable Giraffe!
Along the way you may rediscover your own endearing, quirky personality of long ago dreams and aspirations; you know the one... Before you got so busy. 
This unique journal becomes a Sacred Journey
as you create a Legacy of experiences and wisdom.