Remarkable People               -                 ~ A Soul Safari  ~
Let Me Introduce You…  I May Even Entertain You… 
Let Me Make you Smile…
Nine Ubiquitous Elements...  
The Past - Free yourself from past mistakes, disappointments, regrets                   ~Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, M.D.  2011 Lifetracks Giraffe Award
DiscoveryReveal your sacred secrets, masks, curiosity          
                  ~John Goddard – Survivor 
Faith - What is your spiritual nature; relationship with your God?     
                  ~ Margaret Clay on Grace
Future - Designing it or manipulating rescues, excesses, excuses?   
                 ~ Dr. “Bucky” Fuller – Futurist  
Money - Corrections.   Measurable outcomes.   Success.
                  ~ Doria Cordova – Money & You – 2014 Lifetracks Giraffe.
Family and Friends - Nurturing love with yours?  
               ~ Helice Bridges – Blue Ribbon – 2012 Lifetracks Giraffe
Love and Romance - Receiving love or still proving your self-worth? 
                 ~  Do you know and share your Love Language?
The Power of Joy and Celebration! -Talents, skills, integrity,  dreams
                 ~ Are you living up to yours?
                 ~  Karl Anthony – Troubadour 
It Takes the World to Make a Village Are YOU making a difference? 
                 ~ Gini Reticker – Abigail Disney - Filmmakers             
                 ~ Sarah Elliott – The Blessings of Interruptions                
Reviews ~ What are People Around the World Saying About the Book?