Remarkable People               -                 ~ A Soul Safari  ~
"I have been reading a chapter or two every day of "Remarkable People" It's absolutely amazing. As I read, I am always brought back to our Costa Rica to see the "Veiled Lady" - the volcano Arenal. That was a magical trip for me. You opened my eyes to so many different experiences. Thank you again for being my travel partner even if it was only a few days."
"I love the stories of the people featured. Just read about Dr. Carolle, and it made me want to go to wherever she is to meet her."  
"AND your story is what starts the book and sets the stage for Truth and Understanding. Your true confessions Thank you so much for sharing your deepest feelings, and for letting your soul shine. I am so blessed to know you."   ~ Joanna S. - Mexico
“Conversations with Remarkable People” asks penetrating questions with respect to every aspect of your life allowing you to understand yourself and your life on a much deeper level. This changes your tomorrow into a much higher probable future. Along with these probing questions are inspirational stories of people who dared to move beyond their fears to live outstanding lives. This book about remarkable people is about people letting their 'ostrich' become a Giraffe and finding the courage to stick their necks out  - both inspires and provides the tools for anyone to make a quantum leap in your life. Thank you for sharing your gifts, wisdom insights in such a provocative way."
                                           ~ Sharon St. J. - Costa Rica

"I love your book; "Remarkable People"!  Congratulations Nanci.  So many words of wisdom embraced with love."     ~ Kate S, Hawaii 
I am reading chapter two of your book… AGAIN! I get so sidetracked and inspired, off I go to do something or write something it inspires in me. I might NEVER get through! All day I scramble around with life passing by in little errands and countless worthless tasks... When OUT THERE, people like Nanci Hartland are changing the WORLD. Check out Lifetracks Global and her new book…“      
                                            ~ Allison A., Birmingham, AL
"You are an absolute angel. I received your glorious “Remarkable People" book on my Birthday!  
 I read every word. You are the purest of trust,
of joy, persistence and grace.
               ~ Love,'Sparky', Helice Bridges, CEO                  Difference Makers International,
Cardiff-by-the Sea, CA 

“You are a skilled writer.  I spend many hours a week proofing hundreds of reports before they go to our Clients.  I really like the way you write and punctuate, virtually no errors. Beautiful! This is beyond being just a ‘book’ – it is so well thought out and appeals to those souls wanting answers, wanting to go within and discover themselves. With your personal story, the 'Elements' and then questions forming a substantial part of the ‘work’ it becomes a mini-seminar (not quite right either) and it’s much MORE than 
just a book!”     ~ Michael H, New Zealand

"Your book sort of fell out of the sky today
landing me in a circle of wonderment.
The vibe I’m getting after skimming pages
from front to middle is magical,
like the day we met, an instant connection,
evoking that feeling so rare when I read books.
I never had this feeling in this combination.
It’s a great book to read on a Sunday morning,
a Sunday morning book!

Definitively going to enjoy my great Africa
as seen through your window and filtered
through your soul, a soul I trust.

The way you've laid out the graphics
and tell stories about your sojourn,
your guiding questions, the opportunities
of safari living, the Maasai, Arusha,
your sojourns to the U.N. to speak for others,
all you've done to raise money and do
good works is a dream in itself.

 All the elements of your bucket list
distilled to itineraries and folks will
explore themselves in ways that by Nanci J's
inherent design creates ‪ mastery.
You are an amazing gift to me...
And for all!

My aim is not to make this about the book,
I’m trying to do publicly what has become difficult
for me on some level - break the bonds of being
chained behind my unbounded love - that honestly
never left and the world sometimes beats
me up for it. Through my repression
I’m attributing my jaded anger to_________?
And now I can stretch my arms around the globe
so that as the tears roll from my eyes -
off my arms - the world will be cleansed
by the reign of my purifying intentions. 
~ DQ - San Francisco, CA

Nanci's work in Africa with Lifetracks Global Foundation became a 3-page
feature in The South Magazine and the 'HUMAN Agenda'. "Remarkable People" was praised in The South Magazine. Book Clubs and Mastermind Groups take it on. Skirt magazine featured Nanci as a Trailblazer with a full-page photo and brief description of what she has accomplished in Africa and beyond and call her a ‘Worldwide Activist’.  It is being read in Spain, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, New Zealand and across America.