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Africa - the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman...

In December of 2003, I discovered there are over a million women and girls in Africa leak feces and urine all the time after suffering the horror of Female Genital Mutilation or after giving birth in the bush without access to medical care. Each year thousands more become outcasts, begging on street corners, Girls as young as six suffer the horror of FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION! None are allowed to enter buildings or public transportation, as they constantly leak feces and/or urine. 
My dear friends Haika and Sharon Sangiwa in Arusha, Tanzania, made me aware of this silent and tragic epidemic rampant in the developing world. By February of I was on a plane toTanzania to the Sangiwa family and a visit to the hospital that I had to see this for myself, meet the doctors that devoted to these women, so Lifetracks can raise awareness and funds. 

Proceeds from this book help support this tragedy.