"Remarkable People               -                 ~ A Soul Safari  ~
Let Me Introduce You…  I May Even Entertain You… 
Let Me Make you Smile…
The Nine Ubiquitous Elements...  
The Past - Free yourself from past mistakes, disappointments, regrets 
             ~ John Goddard – Survivor  
Faith - What is your spiritual nature; relationship with your God?     
            ~ Margaret Clay on Grace 
            ~ Dr. “Bucky” Fuller – Futurist   
Money - Correction.   Measurable outcomes.   Success.
            ~ Helice Bridges – 2012 Lifetracks Giraffe Award 
Love and Romance - Receiving love or still proving your ? 
            ~  Talents, skills, integrity, adventures, dreams…
            ~ Karl Anthony – Troubadour 
It Takes the World to Make a Village Are YOU making a difference? 
            ~ Sarah Elliott – The Blessings of Interruptions                
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